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Tune into Digital Impact Radio where we’ll talk capabilities, projects and emerging trends from Oracle. Whether you’re an IT manager or a developer you will hear insights and interviews to gain deep knowledge about latest innovations from Oracle experts and evangelists from the community.

Dec 14, 2021

Joshua Chua, Oracle Product Manager talks about the Oracle Autonomous Database, a fully managed, pre-configured database environment with four available workload types (Transaction Processing, Data Warehouse, APEX, JSON) across 3 deployment choices (Shared, Dedicated/Public Cloud, Dedicated/Cloud at Customer).

Dec 7, 2021

Jason Reinhardt, Oracle Product Manager talks about the Oracle Data Management Choices, from on-premise to the many cloud variants such as Autonomous Shared and Dedicated, Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service and Exadata Cloud at Customer.

Dec 2, 2021

Stuart Coggins and Darryn Hinett, Data Innovation Practitioners, talk about SailGP, sailing’s fastest racing league, that relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deliver real-time data. Stuart and Darryn discuss how they will be using the Machine Learning Services to further explore and gain data insights.